How To Take Spectacular Tulip Photos

Tulips are only in bloom a few weeks out of the year, so if you love photographing them as much as I do, you have to hit the tulip beds running – or at least with a plan.

Like roses, no two tulips are alike. But the fun part is, unlike roses, every type of tulip is different. From their size, to their shape, to their texture, you could easily be taking a photo of a beautiful petite little flower, without realizing that it’s actually a type of tulip.

I love taking pictures of tulips, because I love the challenge of capturing the reason that particular flower grabbed my attention.

Was it the color that drew me over? A whole bed of multicolored beauties waving in the wind? Maybe it’s a unique type of tulip I’ve never seen before. Or it could be the texture. Some varieties like parrot tulips have veins and patterns that look more like a cabbages than flowers and are just begging to be captured.

Then there are the personalities of the flowers – one tulip standing head and shoulders above the rest. A yellow tulip in a bed of purple, or a gathering of one kind of flowers centered directly inside another.

Taking a moment to figure out what intrigues me about the flower, helps me capture its beauty. Once you find a gorgeous bunch of blooms, don’t just start clicking away. Take a few moments to examine them, helps you find the story in the petals.

In fact I never look through the viewfinder without thinking about the story I want to tell. First I decide which tulip will be the star of my story. Do I want to capture the pink tulip bending its head down over the one standing beside it? I move around a bit to frame my story. One inch to the left including a lush green bush makes the flower look like it’s in a forest. It’s a totally different story if I move an inch to the right, revealing nothing but soil or an interesting fence, or part of a sidewalk.

Then I consider the light. Red, yellow and orange tulips love the light. Try to get full sun behind them and they’ll take on an ethereal glow that makes them look more like lollipops than flowers. The darker colors like deep purple or black are very difficult to capture. If you can move to a place where the sun is in front of the flower and illuminates it, that will help separate the flower from its background. Or another trick is to photograph darker blooms early in the day when they’re still covered in dew. That gives them a 3-D effect that also helps define the edges of the flower and its stem.

Another tip is to put your camera on the macro/flower setting if you have one, to help you capture photos up close. There’s no need to use a flash under most lighting conditions. And then, simply click away until the shots you get are the same ones that captured your heart.

Which leads me to my most important tip. When in doubt, take the picture! Don’t decide not to photograph a tulip because it’s completely open or beginning to droop. Half of the charm of photographing tulips are the “faces” that start to appear inside the flower once it’s open. Try photographing an open tulip from every angle and I guarantee when you upload the photos to your computer or pick them up at the drugstore (if you still use 35mm), you’ll be amazed at the beauty you’ve captured.

And never, ever wait to take a photo that you want to take, for the next day. Tulips don’t last long and more than once we’ve gone back, even a few hours later, to find the flower bent over, or worse, completely gone. Take the photo now, even if the conditions are not ideal, and then come back again if you can, to get an even better shot. If you can that’s great – you’ll have two prize-winning shots. But if you can’t, you’ll still have at least one version of the photo you wanted.

Photographing tulips takes a little practice and a lot of patience. But after a few times out in the field, we’re sure you’ll agree that the results you’ll achieve are absolutely worth it.

Taking Pictures of the Flowers

Whenever you want to gift someone elderly or a dear friend, think of buying pictures or paintings of flowers for these are sure to be appreciated by them. People generally feel happy to look at flowers and it brings a positive emotion and smile on their face.

Alternatively see if you can buy a photo frame for your family photo with flower decorations on the frame. It will make your family photo look very elegant and nice. You can gift a photo with such frame to your in laws too.

A soft printed cushion with pictures of yellow flowers or pink and lavender flowers on white background will make a nice gift to your close friends, mother in law, mother or any of your aunts too.

Yellow roses, lilies, lavender and posies make great pictures when you buy them and get them framed for gifting. You might be lucky to find coffee mugs with pictures of flowers painted on them too.

If you are good with cameras, how about taking pictures of the flowers you have grown in your garden and print some good pictures and frame them. They make excellent gift that is representative of you. Flowers are always appreciated by every one and coming from you makes it that much more special and unique.

From now onwards carry your camera with you wherever you go and daily keep clicking pictures of flowers wherever you see. You might get to see flowers in your own garden or in your neighbor’s garden. Look for them in the park or near your office. You will find both a bush as well as single flowers calling you out. Click as many as you can and then short list the good ones that you wish to print.

Before you start shooting with your camera, it would be worthwhile looking at some of the pictures available on the Internet. Though there are thousands of pictures, you can choose what you want to see and these pictures will give you an understanding of how to capture the beauty of the flower and its essence in the right angle and light. Read up on how to use your camera for such pictures from the website and you will be able to shoot some amazing pictures.

When you start noticing flowers, you will be reminded of the person for whom the particular flower picture will suit and thereby you will be guided to click the right picture and present it as the unique gift to that person alone.

Photo Printing on Canvas – Create Beautiful Artwork For Your Home

Photo printing on canvas is a great way to get artwork for your home. You take your favorite photo and have it transferred onto canvas. This will help the photo last much longer than just in its paper form. There are many different looks you can get depending on the pictures you are using too.

You might have a favorite family photo you want to hang on the wall. Just use that photo and have it transferred onto whatever size canvas you want. Then if you are also having it framed select which frame you want on it. Now you have a great photo for the family room or the living room.

Maybe you are trying to decorate your bedroom with some pictures. This a great place to take some of the kids’ photos and have the photo printing on canvas done. That way the first thing you see is the kids’ pictures when you wake up in the morning.

If you want this canvas print to look more like artwork and less like a photo transferred as in the above pictures, you can use landscape photos or a piece of artwork done by a family member. Have a favorite flower photo that you have taken? Maybe you have a nice seascape photo? Either one of these would look great on a canvas.

Your child or other family member may have some great artistic talents. Perhaps he or she has done a wonderful drawing of something that you would like to keep from now on. Having it transferred to canvas will allow you to keep it in better condition longer than the paper they drew it on.

The canvases are stretched over stretcher bars until they are taut. Edges are even part of the picture in case you do not want to hang them with a frame. This gives the picture a modern look as opposed to a more traditional look of framing the canvases. The frames can be found in several finishes though.

These canvases can be hung as artwork anywhere in your house. From the bathrooms to the living room, to any other room you want in your house. Since these are made from personal photographs they are one-of-a-kind pieces. No one else will have them. So the photo printing on canvas is a great deal. Also you don’t have to just buy them for you home either. These would also make great presents for birthdays or Christmas too. Grandma and Grandpa would love to have their grandchild’s photo done onto canvas for their Christmas present.